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Saturday, 12.08.2017


Neuroimmunological Disorders

08.30-09.05 Blood biomarkers and neuroimaging in neuroimmunological disorders
K. Lövblad, Geneva
09.05-09.40 Interpretation of cerebrospinal fluid analyses in neuroimmunological diseases
J. Kuhle, Basel
09.40-10.10 Coffee break
10.10-11.05 Multiple sclerosis in adults and children: which therapy for which patient? overview and case presentations
C. Pot Kreis, Lausanne; S. Bigi, Bern
11.05-11.40 Diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory neuropathies in adults and children
Th. Kuntzer, Lausanne
11.40-12.10 Clinical cases: multidisciplinary management cases with integrated
12.15-13.45 Lunch


Neurovascular Disorders

13.45-14.20 Update on secondary prevention after Stroke and TIA
G. M. De Marchis, Basel
14.20-15.15 Acute stroke in adults and children: diagnosis and treatment. How we do it and what is the evidence?
M. Katan, Zurich; M. Steinlin, Bern
15.15-15.45 Coffee break
15.45-16.20 Carotid endarterectomy, carotid stenting and medical treatment options in carotid occlusive disease
K. Nedeltchev, Aarau
16.20-16.55 Multidisciplinarity management of arteriovenous malformations
D. Bervini, Bern
16.55-17.25 Clinical cases: multidis ciplinary management cases with integrated
  All lectures will include a neuropediatric part if possible. In the 4 sessions with clinical cases at least 1 case will be a neuropediatric case.